Welcome to Kingsland Cable. Locally owned and operated since 1978. Proudly serving Kingsland Georgia with FREE Digital and High-Def!
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Free Trial for Turbo Internet & Cable TV


Please show us your current satellite bill to verify that you are a current subscriber.

After your free trial, please let us know if you wish to keep our service, and we'll sign you up on a month to month basis. Otherwise, we'll disconnect you and thank you for giving us a try.

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Best HD Deal You might consider Kingsland Cable TV if youíve bought a new digital HDTV set and plan on switching over to HD programming. As you know, to watch HD from satellite, you must swap out your old dish and receivers. The Satellite companies will contrive to tie you up again with another big dollar long-term contract. Like the cell phone companies, the satellite companies want to keep nailing you to a contract extension every time there is a technology advance. They act like they're "giving" you a super deal with special "giveaways", but they are really lining their pockets with your money.

If your satellite contract obligations will allow it, please consider switching to Kingsland Cable for the latest HD technology and best HD deal. To get HD, subscribers to Kingsland Cableís "Standard Service" ($46.48 per month) simply connect their new digital sets to our cable and enjoy 25 extra free broadcast digital channels and 63 extra free digital cable network signals. With Kingsland Cable, no dish is needed and no set-top box is needed. And Kingsland Cableís free digital HD pictures are much clearer and sharper than our competition.

Save Money Another big difference: Directv, besides tying you up for big money in a new long term contract, charges you monthly just for HD. Dish Network also charges you monthly just to give you access to HD. Both monthly satellite HD surcharges are over and above their high HD programming costs! With Kingsland Cable TV, you save money because you donít pay extra for digital and HD! You also save money because over all we charge less for programming than the satellite providers - no low ball intro prices, followed by high long term rates.

Free Sample The great thing about Kingsland Cable is that you can sample the latest and greatest internet and digital HD without a long term hassle. You pay only if you are happy. Please don't judge us without a trial!